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Typequick is the preferred keyboard training solution. It teaches many thousands of university, college and TAFE students how to touch type using ten fingers every year in Australia, Japan and all over the world.

Are your students equipped for the workforce? Ten finger touch typing is the essential skill that will ensure that they get ahead in today's business world.

If how to increase your students productivity and help them manage the additional work load experienced by tertiary and post-secondary is the question then Typequick is the answer. Since 1982 Typequick has proven to be the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to convert slow "hunt and peckers" into competent touch typists.

Typequick Typing Tutor for Colleges, Universities and TAFEsIt has also been proven that students learn new computer applications in 40% less time if they can touch type. Can you think of a better way to give your students a head start?

Typequick is a self paced, proven and structured teaching system that will provide your students with the keyboarding skills essential to a successful business career. Lessons are self paced, individualised and highly motivational. Lecturers recommend the courseware because its expert remediation, sophisticated teaching techniques and powerful reporting functionality.

The Typequick course consists of ten lessons, each divided into three parts. The first eight lessons teach the 40 main keys and the last two lessons build speed and accuracy to achieve the set competency level. Additional courses teach the number pad and the mostly commonly used punctuation symbols. Detailed records are kept for every lesson with screen reports and individual feedback shown every 15 minutes, while a powerful administration module controls access, content and options, and generates year, faculty, department and class reports.

With Typequick Professional students can realistically double or even treble typing speed and accuracy in 10 days.

Typequick is available for networks, stands alone PCs and as individual training kits (on CD and USB) and also as anywhere anytime online training.

Skill evaluator is the powerful testing tool which ensures that all tests are marked according to Australian standards making it way for students to find a job in the business world.

If you are a college, TAFE, university, Registered Training Organisation or Not-for-Profit organisation call now for a cost-effective customised solution for your organisation.

Special individual student versions are available for universities, TAFEs and colleges that offer Typequick through their campus bookshops.

Typequick university clients include:

  • Australian National University
  • Macquarie University
  • Canberra Institute of Technology
  • RMIT
  • Victoria University (5 campuses)
  • Sydney University
  • University of Ballarat

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