Free Typing Test with Typequick

Find out your typing speed with the Typequick fun and free typing test! It will only take three minutes of your time to complete the free typing test. When you are finished, our Skill Evaluator algorithm will give you instant feedback, providing you with your typing speed and accuracy results. You can then compare your results of your free typing test with the test typing speed and accuracy results you can expect to achieve after you have taken a Typequick Professional or Typequick for Students 10 day course.

Try our free typing test now!

Get your name on top of our weekly winner list and we will send you a free prize via email. See our typing content terms and conditions for more information.

How to take the Typequick free typing test

When you begin, the exam text will appear on the screen along with a blank window for inputting your text. These are the simple rules of the free typing test:

  1. You can press the Return/Enter key or the Space bar at the end of each line.
  2. You can do a single space after a period (full stop).
  3. Don't back space from one line to another.
  4. You can make corrections within a line.

That's all there is to it! The test will automatically stop after 2 minutes and an assessment of your typing speed and accuracy will appear. You can compare your typing speed results with those of expert touch-typists and find out just how much faster and more accurately it is possible to type after you have learned how to touch-type using Typequick Professional or Typequick for Students.

In order to register for the prize, you will need to enter your name and email address in case we send you the prize. Don't worry: we will not share these details with a third party. We just ask that the information you give us is true and accurate.

Enjoy your free typing test! If you have trouble viewing it, change your screen resolution to 800X600. Remember: the Typequick free typing test is meant for your enjoyment and information only and is not a certification of your typing speed and accuracy skill level.

The Top Ten Lists

When you finish the free test our website examines your score and tries to place you into one of the lists above. At the end of each day the top person in each list is emailed the prize image. Each list has a score range. The ranges are:

  • List 1 - Scores between 0 and 15
  • List 2 - Scores between 15 and 35
  • List 3 - Scores between 35 and 55
  • List 4 - Scores from 55 onwards

The website will try to put your result into the list based on your score. However, if you have previously received a prize by topping one of the lists, then our website will only consider inserting you in to the next list up. So if you win in list 2, your next result will only be considered for list 3 or hgher.

Free Typing Test Terms and Conditions

  1. The online free test cannot be treated as certification in keyboarding. Certification requires supervised conditions.
  2. The online test system remembers the IP address of non-subscribers during the current prize period and prevents subsequent requests to carry out a test. Users behind a firewall are sometimes seen by us as all being the one IP address.
  3. The prize is provided to the winner for personal use only and may not be sold (copyright is held by Typequick).
  4. We may contact you in response to the information you have submitted, but by taking the Typequick free typing test you are not obligated to purchase any Typequick products nor is Typequick obligated to deliver any to you. For more details, check our Privacy Policy.
  5. The exam is marked according to AS 2708-2001 from Australian Standards Association, although unusual errors can cause the marking to be more pessimiistic than it should be. A final score for the prize is created by taking the accuracy (as a fraction) and multiplying by the speed (in word per minute).
  6. Typequick reserve the right to remove competitors from the top 10 list if the nicknames chosen are thought likely to offend other people viewing the list.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Free Typing Test

  • Why are there 4 lists near the prize image?

    Each day a winner is declared for each one of 4 different result groups so that beginners are not racing against experts. The groups are set up in the following bands:

  • List 1 - Scores between 0 and 15
  • List 2 - Scores between 15 and 35
  • List 3 - Scores between 35 and 55
  • List 4 - Scores from 55 onwards
  • The top entry in each list at the "end of the day" is sent the prize image.

  • I'm not sure what line to type next?

    The test program always keeps the top line in the test text window as the current one which you should be typing.

    When you complete a line (successfully), the test program scrolls the test text window up one line, so the line you just typed disappears from the test text window.

    You should only need to look at the top line in the test text window, the program will keep moving the test text up so the top line contains the line you should be typing.

  • Do I double space after a punctuation mark?

    No, the test program is set to expect single spacing

  • Do I press the spacebar or the enter key at the end of a line?

    Either one will do.

  • The test text stopped scrolling?

    When you finish a line, the test program tries to see if what you typed corresponds to the top line in the test text window. If the test program can't find a good enough match between what you typed and the top line, the test text window won't be scrolled up one line.

    If this happens, you should either backspace over what you have typed and try to get back in synch with the test program, or just type the top line visible in the test text window from the start of the line.