Error Message:There is no license in the database for this particular product.

This message appears even though I have entered a license key.

Ensure you are running the correct Typequick program that matches the license key you have entered into the program.

If you have a Typequick Professional license key then you should be running the Typequick Professional program by clicking on the red icon. There could be two products installed on your machine. Only one will work with the license key you have purchased, the other product will run in Evaluation Mode. To avoid confusion in the future, delete the icon that you will not be using.

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Skill Evaluator marks according to the Australian Standard AS2708-2001
01 January 2015
As a natural follow on from our keyboard training course we have developed a program that helps many organisations with the testing of keyboard skills. The SKILL EVALUATOR is a unique program designed to enable the online testing of keyboard speed and accuracy. It monitors every keystroke, stops the test after the desired duration (you can choose anything from 2 - 10 minutes) and then accurately...


With NAPLAN going online, now more than ever, students will need to reach a level of competence in keyboarding and will need to master touch typing.

Teach them to touch type in 10 easy lessons with Typequick the fastest keyboard trainer with the highest success.

School solutions are available for networks, stand alone computers and Online.

Call us today on 1800 808 078 or email to tailor a licence to suit your school's needs.